EXHIBITION INFO: A Remix of Damage, Strata Collective, Reid Gallery

Image credit: Abbey Corbin

A Remix of Damage, Strata Collective, 26 February to 12 March 2022, Mon – Sat, 10:00-16:30

Reid Gallery, The Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, booking required

For full visitor and access information, or to book your visit, please see here.

Featuring work by the Strata Collective: Alexander Anderson, Penny Anderson, Abbey Corbin, Tom Graystone, Julia Hoogkamer, Russell McGovern, Yena Park, and Alice Zonca.

A Remix of Damage includes, ‘In the Depths of Our Ocean’ by Abbey Corbin exploring the effect of toxic materials on oceanic life-forms, environments and their ecologies; sculpture from South Korean artist Yena Park whose ‘Project: Post-Future Ground’ (ongoing since 2020), is a collection of low value found objects and materials that she has reconfigured and modified to question our relationship with the artificial material world; photographic and moving images by artist Tom Graystone taken on Skye that have been coded into textile pieces and animated vignettes; adapted ready-made sculpture by Penny Anderson whose work ‘Enargeia Arcade’ presents the possessions of the fictional Enargeia Crow – the notorious, ruthless and eccentric billionaire who died broken and penniless; a diorama by artist Alice Zonca who composes environments that house her sculptures; two new works by Julia Hoogkamer themed around the human body, science, technology and nature; work in response to the Sonoran landscape by Alexander Anderson who is based in Arizona; and new work from Glasgow-based Russell McGovern exploring what happens to an object and our relationship with it as it is gradually atomised.

Artists Bios (listed in order of appearance in A Remix of Damage, Reid Gallery)

Abbey Corbin, In the Depths of Our Oceans, Video Still, 2021

Abbey Corbin is an artist based in York, exploring science fiction, material realities and folklore at the intersection of art and ecology. She is currently working on a new series of works ‘In The Depths Of Our Ocean’ imagining the fallout of synthetic materials in our aquatic landscape. Abbey uses sculpture, sound, video, photography and drawing to explore what might grow out of our synthetic waste and form the uncanny ecologies of our future. @abbeycorbin

Yena Park, Project: Post-Future Ground, 2020

Yena Park is based in South Korea and explores the relationship between the human body and man-made objects by going back and forth between the material and digital world. Having faith in a cycle, she reuses objects from within our artificial civilization which have lost their original uses and values, reconfiguring and modifying them to create a reflective landscape that has a possibility of existence, questioning how we relate to the artificial material world around us as material existence. In Nov 2021 she had her second solo exhibition, ‘Overlapping World’ in Gimpo, South Korea. She has been working on the ‘Project: Post-Future Ground’ since 2020 and the outbreak of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. @yenaprk

Tom Graystone, ASCea, 2021

Tom Graystone lives and works in Glasgow. They are an artist and researcher, excited by repetitive forms of making, working with quilting and knitting, in dialogue with digital making and moving image. They are interested in digitally mirroring and recreating, the disorientation that follows, and how that can alter the language of a space. @tomtompotatotoe

Penny Anderson, Tree of Life, 2020

Penny Anderson creates installations made primarily from ready-made objects (toys, furniture, dolls house accessories, self-assembly kits) architectural figures along with text (laser cut acrylic, engraved mirrors and hand-sewn embroidery). Based in Glasgow, Penny has previously shown work at Glasgow’s GOMA, Bury Art Museum’s Text Art Festival, Tramway, as part of GI (Glasgow International) and at New Glasgow Society and Transmission. Penny is interested in working conditions and practices and her work on display was created during her time at the GSA.

Alex Anderson, Galley Sock, 2020

Alex Anderson. Born in Kansas, Alex’s interests centre at the intersection of sculptural art practices, investigations of landscapes in relation to memory, contemporary climate science, classic literature, and phenomenology. His continued effort he views as one which draws his studies and experiences into a focus motivated by expanding this practice through a study of landscapes within classical literature, now focusing on Homer’s Odyssey and the Greek concept of nostos (νόστος).: He wishes to explore the grief of homecoming, in the sense of the desire for home, the arduousness of the journey, and the bittersweetness felt at actually arriving. @alexsculpts

Russell McGovern, Entropy, 2022

Russell McGovern is based in Glasgow and describes his sculpture-based practice as “attempts to investigate the anthropocentric questions ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘Where are we going?’” Recent works have been inspired by the prehistoric cave art at Lascaux, France and the Golden Record on the Voyager 1 spacecraft. He is currently working on a public art commission in the east end of Glasgow. @russell.mcgovern

Julia Hoogkamer, Techtonic Platelets, 2022

Julia Hoogkamer is a Dutch artist now based in Glasgow who is fascinated by the inner workings of the human body. She uses a range of mediums in her work from video and sound, to ready-mades and ceramics, manipulating her materials to play with light and reveal hidden perspectives.

Alice Zonca, Oïde, 2021

Alice Zonca is an artist based in Paris. She describes her work process as “Isolate, extract, recompose”. Her sculptures borrow their vocabulary of form from architecture and everyday objects. By inscribing them in different systems of representation (the model, the game board, the diorama) she gives them an aesthetic and utilitarian ambiguity. Her use of materials from domestic, decorative and functional contexts creates different strata in her installations.

The Strata Collective was established in 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, eight artists from the MLitt Sculpture Pathway at The Glasgow School of Art have supported each other and worked together to find innovative and imaginative ways to continue their practice during and post pandemic. This exhibition is a mix of new work and work created while studying at the GSA, using casting, carving, sound, ceramics, woodworking, textiles, and digital methods, as well as adapted ready-mades. It illustrates the strength of their collective approach, and the high-level creative output they still managed to achieve during lockdown.

In 2021, with support from Creative Scotland, the Strata Collective exhibited for the first time since graduating in August 2020 at the New Glasgow Society. The Collective’s next show Expanse will open at the Pipe Factory in Glasgow later in 2022.

A Remix of Damage is supported by The Glasgow School of Art as part of the School’s commitment to supporting 2020 graduates with physical shows once COVID restrictions allowed.

With thanks to Innis & Gunn and citizenM for their support.

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