‘Line of Sight’, James Houston, Paul Maguire, Kimberley O’Neill and Jen Sykes

Line of Sight

‘Line of Sight’ was a group show by GSA Design School staff Paul Maguire, James Houston, Kimberley O’Neill and Jen Sykes, looking at the current perceived role of technology, and what relationship humans have with its future. The title comes from a term used in the theory of radio transmission to describe when a receiving antenna is just able to see a transmitting antenna.  The exhibition ran 19 November – 16 December 2016. This exhibition was selected from an open call to GSA students and staff for proposals for self-initiated projects.

Finlay Clark, a School of Fine Art student, was commissioned to respond to the exhibition. Please download his text here.


‘Line of Sight’ gallery installation, Reid Gallery, GSA (2016) Photo: Alan Dimmick (r-l), ‘Objects under Domestication’, (2016), Jen Sykes, metal, wireless sensors; ‘First Person Shooter’, (2016), Paul Maguire



‘Reboxing’, (2016), Paul Maguire, Software, Video, iPhone, Packaging, Dimensions variable

Extract: [Technology is a device, a medium, and more than ever a way of being. O’Neill’s video installation Mood Organ, (2016) vividly explores the rich dialectic of affective labour; saturated with visceral imagery of the eyes, it closely examines the body’s relationship to technology as they are put in close proximity with lapping fields of water.

O’Neill:        It’s really weird doing something at work for me.

–That’s the thing that’s totally thrown me.

[All]:          –Yep.

O’Neill:        –Because you relate to the role and stuff like that,   and I’m definitely a different person making my work than I am anywhere else.

Maguire:        Yeah you’ve got your professional life and then your…ultimate reality of art.

Myself:         –And now they’re meshing together…]


‘Mood Organ’, (2016), Kimberley O’Neill, HD video



‘Momento mori (Remember that you have to die)’, (2016), James Houston, LED Panel



‘First person shooter’, (2016), Paul Maguire, Digital print 105x116cm



‘blue=new black ();’, (2013), Paul Maguire & James Houston, 35mm slide projection, dimensions variable



‘blue=new black ();’, (2013), detail, Paul Maguire & James Houston


‘Do you love me yet’?’, (2016), Paul Maguire, Software, Projection, Kinect, Spotlight, dimensions variable



‘Choose your friends wisely’, (2016), Jen Sykes, Printed circuit boards



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